Welcome to BamBamBoo's FAQ

Where Can I Order?

You can order at one of the three ordering stations located at the entrances of the restaurant. Signs are located above these stations for your convenience.

How Do I Order?

On the iPad, select ‘Place an Order’ then follow the on-screen prompts. The ordering system allows you to order by quantity and whether you want to dine in or take away. If you require additional assistance, please feel free to ask one of our friendly staff.

What Do I Do Next?

When you have finished making a list of food and drink(s) to purchase, press the checkout button located on the bottom left of the screen, then follow the on-screen prompts.

How Do I Change My Order?

If you haven’t checked out yet, you can edit your order by using the ‘pencil’ or ‘cross’ icons on the right-hand side of the iPad. Otherwise, if you have already checked out on the iPad, you can change your order at the cashier.

Where Do I Pay?

Pay at the cashier counter located at the main entrance. Please feel free to ask one of our friendly staff for directions.

Where Do I Pickup My Order?

Drinks can be collected at the cashier and food is collected at the counter located in the middle of the restaurant. A sign is displayed above the counter for your convenience.

How Do I Know if My Order is Ready?

You will be notified via SMS if you have provided your mobile phone number on the iPad’s checkout page, otherwise, there are screens above the pickup counter and on the outside of the restaurant that will display your order number when it’s ready.

What is MYO?

MYO stands for ‘Make Your Own’ Combo. MYO appears when you order two individual dishes that is worth AUD5.00 each or more and allows you to choose either fried rice and/or chicken corn soup with special price that appears in the MYO menu. If you do not wish to have MYO, press ‘No Thanks’, and continue on with your order. NOTE: MYO does not apply to drinks and set menus.

What Are Set Menus?

Set menus are pre-set combos. Depending on the set menu, you may add an additional side for a discounted price. NOTE: Some sets allow you to choose between Fried Rice or Singapore Noodles.

Is Water Complimentary?

Yes. Water stations are located inside and outside of the restaurant. There are still, sparkling and boiling water.

What is the BYO policy?

The restaurant provides ample food choices and is fully licensed, therefore has a no BYO policy for all food and beverage items.

What is Panda Pal?

Panda Pal is a free membership program for our loyal customers. Please sign up at www.bambamboofood.com or in-store, please enquire with one of our friendly staff.

One Panda Pal membership is only valid for one person whose name and mobile phone number are registered when signing up and is not transferable to any other person.  When ordering as Panda Pal, always login in at ‘panda pal login’ on the iPad.

Panda Pals are eligible for exclusive daily reward (not available on Fridays) and other Panda Pal reward(s) that may run concurrently. These rewards are not valid with other discounts or promotions and may vary on different months.

We are currently working on our Panda Pal’s loyalty points program.  We hope to activate the program soon and thank our loyal customers for their patience and understanding.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

What Other Special Offers / Meal Deals Besides Panda Pal?

Special offers / meal deals are available under our Business-to-Business program (B2B) and BamBamBoo Give Back Initiative program (GBI).

The B2B program is available for corporate companies that are interested to reward their staff with BamBamBoo’s special offers / meal deals at no cost to them. This program helps us to share our restaurant and foster good relationship with our business partners, and connect with other businesses.

The GBI program is a long-term company social responsibility effort that endeavours to give back to the community.

We welcome eligible organizations to join these programs, for more information or enquiry, please write to marketing@bambamboofood.com. Both programs are subject to terms and conditions. The Management reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, and decide the eligibility of a company / an organization.

Can I Order Online?

This is coming soon!

NOTE: Menu, prices, terms and conditions are subject to changes without notice.